St. James the Great
Church of England

Our three villages, Longdon, Longdon Green and Upper Longdon, share the church of St. James’ which also serves part of Gentleshaw. Like so many of the farming villages in the area, Longdon and its church have ancient roots. The well drained sandy soil on these gently rolling hills at the southern end of the Pennines has been used for generations to grow crops and to rear animals.

The villages share the one church and one church school, but have a pub each. The church has been a constant focus of village life for countless generations. The Vicar and the PCC strive to maintain the church as an ecumenical place of worship, and to hand it in good order to following generations.

We have been working of late on improved accessibility to the Church’s ministry; trying to open and de-mystify the building; improving outreach to those who would normally have little or no contact. Take a look in the church building and read the guide boards. Look at the history pages in this web site. Above all, do come and see us, talk to us, worship with us. You will be most welcome.

Green Man The flower of our Tulip Tree Part of the Churchyard Steps to the Rood (cross), now blocked