St. James the Great
Church of England

Regular coffee mornings take place from March until October. The list for 2020 not be published, since we are unable to meet, under the pandemic guidelines.

Janet, our Vicar is also Vicar of Christ Church in Lichfield. Click the button below and take a look at what events they have and join in their events as well as ours.

Celebration Praise

The service on the first Sunday in the month is called ‘Celebration Praise’. This is a non-Eucharistic service and less formal than our usual offerings. We hope it will appeal to children and those with young families.

We look forward to seeing you there.

At the end of March this year, we were due to hold a walk and service to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the building of our Stonywell chapel in 1520. This, along with many other events, was postponed, but you might still like to try out the walk and send back some pictures. Starting in the hamlet of Stonywell and walking North towards the Red Lion pub in Longdon Green, turn left up Church Hill and cross the main road to the church. This is the route by which Bishop Michael would have led us, along with those from Pershore Abbey where Bishop John Stonywell was Abbott. Although we have missed out on a great celebration, it would be nice to see some pictures of things along the route. They will get displayed below. Happy walking and snapping. Send your pictures to